Shaolin Fists Chinese Lion Dance

The Shaolin Lion Dance Troupe is one of the most experienced dance troupe in the UK. It is headed by Grandmaster Yap Leong, who is also a kung fu expert and is based in London Chinatown. The dance troupe has performed continusly in London Chinatown during the Mooncake Festivals or the Chinese New Year for more than 20 years. It has appeared twice on the BBC Blue Peter Show, including other TV Channels, Arsenal Football Club and Cardiff Football Club. Over the Chinese New Year period, it would perform in Chinese Restaurants, Commnuity Centres or Companies wishing to join in the celebrations. The Chinese Lion is also hired for opening ceremonies for new businesses, weddings, festivities or anniversaries.

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Lion Dance at Up Tea in Chinatown 2014

Lion Dance at the Arsenal Emirates Football Ground in 2012

Lion Dance at Elstrele Studio in 2012

Mooncake Festival Lion Dance 1 in London Chinatown 2011

Mooncake Festival Lion Dance 2 in London Chinatown 2011

Chinese New Year Lion Dance 1 in London Chinatown 2011

Chinese New Year Lion Dance 2 in London Chinatown 2010

Chinese New Year Lion Dance 3 in London Chinatown 2009

To hire a Lion Dance Team please contact Grandmaster Yap Leong on 07768 321 092 or email:

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