The Ancient Sage he says: Come to my side of the Himalayas and I will teach you the secrets of Kung Fu.

The Modern Sage he says: The famous Kung Fu mountains are Wudang, Emei, Kunlun, Wah San and Song San (Shaolin), but they are on my side of the Himalayas. Yours are just imitations.

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Chi Sau 1

Chi Sau 2


The Chi Sau or Sticky Hands Combat is about practical reaction, not just one party being passive, compliant and amicable while the other does what he likes, as is so often the case in a 'master/student' relationship. There is a hugh gulf between age, size and power in this instance. If anyone thinks it is not chi sau, then he needs to understand what the ultimate goal of Chi Sau is, otherwise he will still be climbing up that mountain for the elusive chi sau essence.

Heavy Hands

'Heavy Hands' can be described as the power and density of the hands which would be felt by an opponent. The feeling of such heaviness, power and density would make the opponent withdraw his arms quickly if he is unable to withstand such force. The second part is the conditioning of the arms to withstand palm strikes which feels like whips and to mete out such strikes in return. If someone thinks this is all pretence on the part of the power lifter, then their knowledge of mountain climbing is very shallow or unless they have gone to the wrong side of the Himalayas, beyond the borders of China, where there is no kung fu, but imitation.

Pushing Hands 1

This does not look like the nornal tai chi push hands, but the same techniques can be utilised against such practitioners. If someone thinks that there is no softness, then he needs to understand what the ultimate goal of Tiu Sau or Push Hands is, otherwise he will be lost and still be wandering somewhere in that mountain for that elusive push hands essence.

Pushing Hands 2

This even looks less like the normal tai chi push hands. Can anyone really believe that someone with a 30kg DISADVANTAGE can really beat a stronger opponent? Unlesss of course if that guy happens to be someone already up there in the mountain enjoying the fresh air and acquiring the essence of push hands.

Limbs Knocking 1

Can a meek looking guy really cope with this muscle man in the clash of the arms? Under normal medical science the stronger guy should be the winner, unless he failed to find that elusive mountain somewhere up there to acquire the essence of limbs knocking

Limbs Knocking 2

This looks just as unbelievable unless you happen to think it is all a fix or you have failed to find the right mountain to go up to, in search of the elusive elixir of limbs power.

Short sticks seminar

Kung Fu systems have many types of weapons, some are more popular than others, especially sharp metal ones. Short wooden weapons are not so popular because most preferred sharp weapons instead. Most of the short sticks movements found in the Filipino styles are similar to movements of the Chinese broad sword, whether single or double. This video shows applications which are direct and effective, without the long circular motions of other systems.


These videos show different category of skills i.e. speed, sentivity, power, pain endurance, timing, close range and grappling techniques. To be proficient in Wushu, one has to achieve skills in all categories in order to handle different fighting systems.

Do not doubt the ability of real Wushu masters. They are not myths, otherwise the Chinese themselves would be the first to doubt them.

The late Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong was a very good example of someone who had reached the excellence of Wushu; someone who had defeated Kung Fu masters & monks; the youngest Chief Instructor of the Chinese Broadsword Brigade; fought and eliminated a lot of enemy combatants with his weapon during the Second World War; defeated both silat and thai boxers in Malaysia, including countless challenges in both China and Malaysia.

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