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Five Ancestors Fists Kung Fu

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Five Ancestor Fists Kung Fu also known as Ngor Chor, Ngo Cho Kun (Fujianese) or Wuzu, Wuzuquan (Mandarin) or Ng Cho (Cantonese) combine the essence of the White Crane, Monkey, Tai Cho, Tamo & Lohan. It is a system which combines both the essence of hard & soft, sensitivity, heavy hands to form an effective fighting system from Fujian, China. Its first form is called San Chien, Sam Chien, Sam Chin meaning Three Arrows, Three Battles or Three Strategies. It is considered to be the most basic or most advanced form in the syllabus. The fundamenal principles of Wuzuquan are based on the Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire & Earth), the Yin & Yang Soft & Hard) the three combinations of Man, Heaven & Earth. There are 18 Hand Forms of Wuzuquan as well as many weapon Forms.

The origin of Five Ancestors can be traced back to the Sung Dynasty (960-1279) and atributed to a top martial arts exponent, Bai Yi Feng. He managed to convince 5 other top exponents to pool their knowledge & skills to develop an art which has no equal 'under heaven'. The end product was the birth of Wuzuquan combining the best of the White Crane, Monkey Sage, Tao Cho, Lohan and Tamo. A sixth Ancestor - Lady in Green Dress - was a secret Ancestor in Wuzuquan. Sijo Chee Kim Thong was a top exponent of Wuzuquan and became a legend in both China and South-East Asia. He defeated a Shaolin Monk and two Five Ancestors monks druign his youth. The Shaolin Monk was sent by his master, Reerend Yit Sim, to test Sijo who duly defeated him. Sijo then studied under the Revered

The Ancient Sage he says: Come up to the mountain top and I will teach you the secrets of kung fu.

The Modern Sage he says: I need to ask my girl friend for permission first & I can only train once a week.

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