Kung Fu Secrets Issue No.2 & 3




Kung Fu Secrets Issue No.2 shows the late GrandmasterChee Kim Thong (front cover) happily doing a monkey pose. It looks simple but the Grandmaster was over 70 years old. There was none of that unsteadiness when Sifu Yap Leong placed his left leg on the back leg and wrapped his right leg round the body of the Grandmaster.

The issue was a second tribute to the late legendary Grandmaster, who had passed on his legacy to countless others.

Kung Fu Secrets Issue 2
1) Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong & his amazing Chi Demonstration
2) Jim Uglow - Hung Gar & Tai Chi
3) Yap Leong - Empty Force or Mouth
4 ) Bo Sim Mak
4) Alim Corja - Shantung Mantis
5) Leung Ting
6) And Lots More!!

Kung Fu Secrets No.3 shows top disciple of the late Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong. Read the interesting interview with him in the issue. He was a champion in the first South-east Asia full contact competition.He is now a respected kung fu master in South East Asia and Japan

In this issue:
Interview with Chan See MengFive Ancestors Kung Fu
King of Monkey Kung Fu
More Faked Photos
Wan Lai Seng
Shaolin Chi Sau
Shaolin Way - The Arena
Eagle Claw Kung Fu - Julian Dale
and lots more

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