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HYL Energiser is founded by Grandmaster Yap Leong. His forty years experience of qigong practice and teaching, including healing has enabled him to formulate the HYL Energiser program. This program embodifies the Chinese tradition of the Dao; the harmony of Man, Heaven & Earth; the Yin & Yang and the Five Elements. Without this harmony, there would be chaos, confusion and disorder. The concepts of Wu Ji, Tai Ji, Yin & Yang and the Wu Xing are fundamental to the study of Chinese Medicine, Healing, Acupuncture, Qigong, Martial Arts, Food and Feng Shui.

The Daoists believe in Wu Xing (Five Elements) of the Universe, the Environment and the Human Body. These Elements affect our health, relationship, harmony and balance, in one way or the other.

Even in spiritual rituals, the Five Elements are potent and usually invoked for protections or cures against evil spirits, witchcraft or life-threathening emergencies.

The HYL Energiser program © embodies the following:

(1) Hyl Ener-Qi: This teaches Ener-Qi cultivation & channeling; and encompassing the unique Five Elements techniques developed by Grandmaster Yap Leong. These techniques have never be shown or known before, even though Chinese Qigong has been around for thousands of years. Blood tests conducted before, during and after doing this unique Hyl Enger-Qi techniques showed a dramatic improvementt on the immune system.

(2) Hyl Self-Healing: This teaches Hyl self-healing techniques together with the effective combination of Hyl Ener-Qi. Methods used include self-massage, tui na and safe manipulation or twisting of the body to release trapped nerves, energy, blockages, tightness, strains and other common ailments.

(3) HYL Healing: This teaches Hyl healing together with the effective combination of Hyl Ener-Qi techniques. The methods used are unique and effective and cover tui na massage, safe manipulation or twisitng of the body to release trapped nerves, energy, blockages, tightness, strains and other common ailments. This program works in conjuntion with a partner.

(4) Hyl Meditation: This program teaches how to meditate in a standing position, sitting on a chair or the floor. The meditation involves ener-qi cultivation, channeling & visualisation.

(5) Feng Shui: This traditional Chinese concept may seem 'hocus pocus' to many, but, nowaday, thousand of businesses including Western companies and banks are utilising Feng Shui experts to remedy, cure or prevent potential problems such as financial disasters, adverse relationships or bad luck.

The HYL Energiser Program is copyright ©.

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