Shaolin Fists Kung Fu

Grandmaster Yap Leong

Grandmaster Yap Leong first studied Shaolin Fists Kung Fu in his hometown in Ipoh,

and was practically the only one left standing when his friends & colleagues left, after

a short period.  He subsequently learnt about the great prowess of the late Sijo Chee

Kim Thong and became his Five Ancestor (Wuzu) student in 1968; and subsequently

his official disciple.  Years later Sijo taught Grandmaster Emperor Fists (Taizu) and

appointed him in charge of the art in the UK.


1Late Sijo Chee Kim Thong supporting Grandmaster Yap Leong on his legs

2Late Sijo Chee Kim Thong performing moves prior to his heating up the water bottle with his chi


3Late Sijo Chee Kim Thong in a pose




Grandmaster Yap started his first class around 1978 in the YWCA, after being approached

to do so by a group of Indonesian and Mauritius students.  No advertisement was needed

as the class was filled up on opening day.


Throughout the years his training was tough and culminated in a student becoming a national

 kung fu champion within ten months.  Another ten-month student was robbed because he

offended a biased judge who used his influence to persuade the other judges.


Over the years Grandmaster Yap Leong kept his core training methods, but introduced others

as different systems crept in, which were Thai boxing, Jujitsu or MMA.  He never deviated from

using kung fu techniques despite others calling their styles ‘kung fu’ but adopting ‘taekwondo’

techniques in applications.


Shaolin Fists Kung Fu

Shaolin Fists is a southern system based on the five animals of dragon, snake, tiger,

crane & leopard.  Each animal has its own strength and to be able to apply them

effectively, a thorough knowledge of the essence of such animals is essential.


4 Grandmaster Yap Leong in a tiger claw pose

5 Grandmaster Yap Leong in Wuzuquan San Chien form

6 Grandmaster Yap Leong doing a back-tiger fist

7 Grandmaster Yap Leong with Sifu Bobby Yau


Shaolin Fists Weapons

Shaolin Fists teaches an array of traditional Chinese weapons ranging from the staff to the

spear.  Grandmaster Yap also teaches the short staff (beggar staff) as well as the shorter

two-foot sticks.


Shaolin Lion Dance Troupe

Grandmaster Yap’s Lion Dance team has been involved in London Chinatown Chinese

New Year celebrations for nearly 30years.  In addition his team has been much sought

after for weddings, opening ceremonies and other auspicious events.


8 Shaolin Lion Troup in preparation for the Chinese New Year celebrations with Sifu Annie Yau in the foreground

9 Shaolin Lion dance troupe 'A' team at the Emirates stadium. Front three – Sifu Zhiwen Leong, Sifu Gee-on Wong & Sifu Bobby Yau with Grandmaster Yap Leong

10 Richard Branson doting the lion during Year of the Rabbit 1999 with future Sifu Zhiwen in the costume.






Shaolin Dragon Dance Troupe


11 Shaolin Dragon in one of the New Year Celebrations


12 Shaolin Dragon Dance at the dotting ceremony by Prince Charles in 2000 in London Chinatown.


13 Shaolin Dragon at the Kensington Roof Garden



14 Grandmaster Yap's favourite footballer Ole Gunnar Solskjaer from Manchester United




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