The Traditional Lion Dance & Testimonial

The Shaolin Fists Lion Dance Troupe is based in London Chinatown and has appeared regularly on BBC and ITV Channels and participated in London Chinatown each year for the Chinese New Year and Mooncake festivals.

The Chinese Southern Lion Dance has become a common feature during festivities, celebrations, opening of businesses, weddings, anniversaries, fun fairs, processions, cultural or important events. Traditionally the Chinese Lion Dance was confined within the Chinese Community, but in recent years has spread outside and become very popular around the world. There is hardly a cultural event nowadays without the call of the Chinese Lion Dance.

Before the Chinese Lion make its debut, it has to undergo a 'dim jing' or dotting the spirit

The Lion Dancing is accompanied by a group of musician, each playing the drum, gong or cymbals. The performance can by anything from five to thirty minutes depending on the needs of the occasion. Usually it is important not to overdo the length of the performance, which should peak and finish within fifteen minutes.

The lion comes in different costumes, which can be red, gold, green or in mixed colours. Over the years the quality of the costumes has improve due to competitions amongst groups. Because of the number of lion dancers springing up all over the place, it is important to ensure that the dancers are professionally trained for the job. There are numersous occasions when insufficient trained lion dance teams around the country gave disappointing and boring performances. However, the Shaolin Fists Lion Dance Troupe is amongst the most skilful, enjoyable and professional grounps in the country. Its services are very much in demand.


Thank you so much for such a magnificent lion dance on Saturday night. All our guests thought that it was tremendous. Most of them had never seen a lion dance before and were totally mesmerised by the performance. It was certainly the highpoint of the evening and I would be delighted to recommend you to any of our friends. Hopefully it will bring good luck for our move to Hong Kong! Please pass on our thanks again to your team

Very many thanks for provision of the above dances last weekend. We all have enjoyed particularly those people who served in Hong Kong. I particularly enjoyed Lion dance having been in Hong Kong for 16 years. We had our own Dragon and Lion dances from one of our Chinese Squadron in Hong Kong about 12 years ago. It was really good to see you on that day. Very many thanks once again and hoping to use your service in the future. Very Best Regards//

Grandmaster Yap Leong's lion dance team

Lion dance team posing in front of his shop, Shaolin Way, in London Chinatown. His Shaolin Lion Dance team is amongst the best in the UK.

On the right during the Year of the Dragon 1988 Grandmaster Yap Leong's dragon dance team (28-men costume) was met by Prince Charles & Princess Diane. The event was broadcast live on national TV. The Royals were attending the film premiere 'The Last Emperor'

That very year, son - Zhiwen - was born. It was an auspicioos occasion to have a son born in the Year of the Dragon


Richard Branson, well-known international entrepreneur, dressed in a rabbit costume dotted the new lion on the London Chinatown stage in 1999, tthe Year of the Rabbit. Grandmaster Yap Leong showing him where to dot the lion. His son, Zhiwen Leong who was 11 years old then, was underneath the lion's costume.

Chinese New Year celebration in London Chinatown

Chinese New Year celebration in London Chinatown

Video shoot with well-known singer, Babyfox

Video shoot with well-known singer, Babyfox

Lion dance team performing during the inauguration of the London Chinatown Committee Members

Llion dance team performing during the London Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon-Cake Festival)

To hire a lion dance for your wedding, Chinese New Year celebrations or any other occasions contact Grandmaster Yap Leong on 07768321092 or email: