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Shaolin Fists Kung Fu Training - 10 Little Newport Street, London WC2H 7JJ

Shaolinquan Shaolin Fists

Shaolin Fists Kung Fu, also known as Sil Lum Kune (Cantonese) or Shaolinquan (Mandarin), combines the essence of the Crane, Tiger, Leopard, Dragon & Crane. It is a system which combines both the essence of hard & soft, speed, sensitivity, heavy hands to form an effective fighting system from Guangdong, China.

The power of the Tiger, speed & agility of the Leopard, flexibility & gracefulness of the Crane, heaviness & twisting power of the Dragon and the softness and speed of the Snake form part of the Shaolin Fists Kung Fu.

The system incorporates various hand and weapon forms, including the short and long Staffs, Kim (straight sword) Tan Tou (broadsword), Wu Dip Tou (Butterfly Swords), Ying Cheong (Spear), Kum Chin Cheong (Golden-Coin Spear) Tai Pah (Tiger Fork) & Gou Wan Tai Tou (9-ring long handle broadsword) included amongst the weapons.

Training includes condititoning and strengthening of the fingers, wrists, arms, legs and body, and cultivating speed, flexibility & power in excuting the various animal techniques.

The Shaolin Lion Dance Troupe is an integral part of the Shaolin Fists system, which trains its students to a very high level of proficiency. The team has been performing in London Chinatown for more than 20 years during the Chinese New Year.

Granmaster Yap Leong is the Chief Instructor of Shaolin Fists and he conducts regular classes each week. Private lessons are also available on a on to one or group basis either conducted by himself of his instructors.

For more information on Shaolin Fists, please email: or telephone 07768 321 092/





The Ancient Sage he says: Come up to the mountain top and I will teach you the secrets of kung fu.

The Modern Sage he says: I need to ask my girl friend for permission first & I can only train once a week.

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